Custom CD's

Choose from the tracks below to make up your own CD's. Please note that there will only be about 75 minutes

available on each CD. So please place your most wanted tracks within the first 15 or so tracks.

Just copy and paste each track, in the order you wish them to appear on the CD, into an email.

I can also make up CD's in the style you request. Northern, Crossover or Modern etc.

I can also email individual recordings at a smaller cost.

If you can't find the tracks you are after, please let me know and I will try to find them. I have loads more on tapes waiting to be transfered.

I will also trade/swap for good recordings that I don't already have.

These recordings are taken from the original vinyl records and as such may be of varying sound quality.

Check back often as this page will be added to regularly.

contact me at:

CD's cost; £6 in the UK, £7 in Europe and £8 elsewhere. Price includes postage. See 'Ordering Information' page for methods of payment.


4 Seasons-Beggin-Philips

7th Avenue Aviators-You Should O Held On-Congress

24 Karat Gold-New Love-Desert Bone

24 Karat Gold-What Does The Future Hold-Desert Bone

100% Pure Poison-You Keep Coming Back-Emi International

A Brothers Guiding Light-Getting Together-Mercury

Accents-Who You Gonna Love-One-derful

Accents-You Better Think Again-One-derful

Ace Spectrum-Dont Send Nobody Else-Atlantic

Ad Libs-Johnny My Boy-Blue Cat

Adam Wade-Rain From The Skies-Epic

Admirations-Heaven Is In Your Arms-Paree

Al Apollo-Im Walkin-Cub

Al Downing-Im Just Nobody-Polydor

Al Foster Band-The Night Of The Wolf-Roulette LONG

Al Foster Band-The Night Of The Wolf-Roulette SHORT

Al Gardner-Sweet Baby-Sepia

Al Greene-Dont Leave Me-Hot Line

Al Green-Keep On Pushing Love-RCA

Al Hudson-Im About Lovin You-Atco

Al Hudson-Spread Love-Abc

Al Matthews-Fool-Columbia

Al McCarther-His True Love for you-Two Guitars 900

Al Williams-I Am Nothing-La Beat

Al Williams-I Am Nothing-La Beat-Palmer

Amazers-Without A Warning-Thomas

Anita Humes & Essex-What Did I Do-Roulette

Arabians-Please Take A Chance On Me-Le-Mans

Arabians-You Upset Me Baby-Le-Mans

Art Freeman-Slippin around with you-Fame

Arthur Rollins-Wherever You Go-Lavender Lady

Al Wilson-When You Love Youre Loved Too-Soul City

Al Wilson-Who Could Be Lovin You-Soul City

Al Wilson-You Did It For Me-Playboy

Albert Jones-Fifteen Cent Love-Kapp Tri-City

Albert Jones-Unity-Kapp

Albert Jones-Up To The Sun-Bumpshop

Albert Jones-You And Your Love-Candy Apple

Albert Washington-Im The Man-Fraternity

Albert Washington-Somewhere Down The Line-DeLuxe

Alder Ray-I Need You Baby-Minit

Alder Ray-My Heart Is In Danger-Minit

Allen Wayne-Chills & Fever-Try

Alma Faye-I Believed-Flamingo

Alvarez-Sooner Or Later-Polydor

Ambers-I Love You Baby-Verve

Ambitions-When The Fuel Runs Out-Firefly

American Youth Choir-Keep Your Fine Self Near Me-Polydor

Angelenos-Down In East LA-Highland

Ann Nesby-In The Spirit-A&M

Ann Sexton-Youve Been Gona Too Long-Seventy 7

Anna King-Mamas Got A Bag Of Her Own-End

Anna Walker & Crownettes-Ode To Billy Joe-Amy

Anna Walker & Crownettes-You Dont Know-Amy

Anthony & Aqua Lads- I Remember-Gold Bee

Anthony Raye-Give Me One More Chance-Impact

Anthony White-Hey Baby-Philadelphia Intnl

Anthony White-Never Repay Your Love-Phil Intnl

Appreciations-She Never Really Loved Me-Sport

April Stevens-Wanting You-MGM

Arcades-Theres Got To Be A Loser-Triad

Archie Bell & Drells-Old People-Phil Intnl

Aretha Franklin-I Cant Wait Until I See My Babys Face-Columbia

Aretha Franklin-It Only Happens When I Look At You-Atlantic

Argie & Arketts-Hey Baby-Ronnie

Argie & Arketts-Youre The Guy That Put Tears In My Eyes-Ronnie

Arnold Blair-Trying To Get Next To You-Gemigo

Art Freeman-I Cant Get You Out Of My Mind-Fame

Art Freeman-Slippin Around With You-Fame

Artistics-Ill Come Running-Okeh

Artistics-This Heart Of Mine-Okeh

Attractions-That Girl Is Mine-Bell

Attractions-Why Shouldnt A Man Cry-Bell

August & Deneen-We Go Together-ABC

Augustine Twins-My Place-Duke

Baby Washington-Hey Lonely One-Sue

Baby Washinton-Leave Me Alone-Su

Ballads-I Cant See Your Love For The Tears In My Eyes-Vee-Jay (inst

Ballads-I Cant See Your Love For The Tears In My Eyes-Vee-Jay (voc)

Barbara & Believers-What Can Happen To Me Now-Capitol

Barbara & Brenda-Never Love A Robin-Dynamo

Barbara Cooper-Whats One More Tear-RCA

Barbara English-Small Town Girl-Reprise

Barbara Hall-You Brought It On Yourself-Innovation II

Barbara Lewis-Ask The Lonely-Enterprise

Barbara Lewis-I Remember The Feeling-Atlantic

Barbara Lynn-I Dont Want A Playboy-Tribe

Barbara Lynn-Im A Good Woman-Tribe

Barbara Lynn-Movin On A Groove-Jet Stream

Barbara Lynn-Trying To Love Two-Ichiban

Barbara Mason-Bobby Is My Baby-Arctic

Barbara Mason-Half A Love-Arctic

Barbara Mason-I Need Love-Arctic

Barbara Mason-Slipping Away-Arctic

Barbara McNair-Everyhting Is Good About You-Motown

Barbara McNair-Youre Gonna Love My Baby-Motown

Barbara Mercer-Call On Me-Sidra

Barbara Mercer-So Real-Sidra

Barbara Mills-Queen Of Fools-Hickory

Barbara Randolph-I Got A Feeling-Soul

Barbara Randolph-You Got Me Hurtin All Over-Soul

Barbara West-Congratulations Baby-Ronn

Barrett Strong-Is It True-Capitol

Barrett Strong-Love Will Make It Alright-Phase II

Basic Black & Pearl-Terell Come A Time Therell Come A Day-WAM

Belita Woods-Grounded-Moira

Belita Woods-Magic Corner-Moira

Beloyd-Get Into Your Life-20th Century

Beloyd-Today All Day-20th Century

Ben Aiken-Satisfied-Loma

Benny Sigler-I Can Give You Love-Phil-LA Of Soul

Benny Spellman-Fortune Teller-Minit

Benny Spellman-This Is For You My Love-Alon

Benny Troy-I Wanna Give You Tomorrow-De-Lite

Beres Hammond-Do This World A Favour-Joe Gibbs EDIT

Beres Hammond-Do This World A Favour-Joe Gibbs LP

Bessie Banks-Dont You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come-Quality

Bessie Banks-I Cant Make it-Verve

Bessie Banks-Need You-Verve

Bethea-I Wouldnt Come Back-Dynamo

Betty Everett-My Love To Lean On-Sound Stage 7

Betty La Vette-What Condition My Condition Is In-Karen

Bettye Lavette-I Feel Good All Over-Calla

Bettye Swann-Falling In Love With me-Money

Bettye Swann-Kiss My Love Goodbye-Atlantic

Bettye Swann-Lonely Love-Money

Bettye Swann-The Heartache Is Gone-Money

Bettye Swann-The Man That Said No-Money

Bettye Swann-What Can It Be-Money

Beverly Ann Gibson-A Three Dollar Bill-Jubilee

Big Dons Rebellion-It Was True-Ethon

Big Dons Rebellion-Smokin-Ethon

Big Frank & Essences-I Wont Let Her See Me Cry-Philips

Big Joe Turner-Two Loves Have I-Bluestime

Big Mama Thornton-Wade In The water-Arhoolie

Big Maybelle-I Cant Wait Any Longer-Direction UK

Big Maybelle-Oh Lord What Are You Doing To Me-Scepter

Big Maybelle-Quittin Time-Direction UK

Big Maybelle-Same Old Story-Scepter

Bill Brandon-Streets Got My Lady-Piedmont

Bill Bush-Im Waiting-Ronn

Bill Griffin-Try To Run A Game On Me-Naptown

Billy Butler-Boston Monkey-Okeh

Billy Butler-Right Track-Okeh

Billy Davis-Ive Tried-Cobblestone

Billy Davis-Stanky-Get Funky-Cobblestone

Billy Eckstine-I Wonder Why-Motown

Billy Hambric-I Found True Love-Drum

Billy Hambric-She Said Goodbye-Drum

Billy Kennedy-If I Was A Kid-Silver

Billy McGregor-Its My Turn Now-Mellotone

Billy McGregor-The Great Creation-Mellotone

Billy Proctor-I Can Take It All-Soul

Billy Scott & Prophets-Im So Glad You Happened To Me-3 P

Bits & Pieces-Did I Scare You-Nasco

Bits & Pieces-You Should Have Told Me-Paramount

BJ Thomas-Keep It Up-Joed

Black & Blue-Of All Hearts To Break-Game

Black & Blue-What I Got-Mercury

Blade Family-My Babys Gone-King James

Blade Family-Sweet Dream-King James

Bleu Lights-They Dont Know My Heart-Bay Sound

Blood Hollins-Dont Give It Up-Strange Fruit

Blood Sweat & Tears-Tell Me That Im Wrong-Columbia

Bloodstone-Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It-Motown

Blossoms-Thats When The Tears Start-Reprise

Blue Notes-Standing By You Girl-Glades

Blues Busters-Love Is The Answer-Minit

Bo Cooper-Dont Call It Love-Bell

Bob Marshall & Crystals-Never Seen A Girl Like You-L-Rev

Bob Marshall & Crystals-She Shot A Hole In My Soul-L-Rev

Bob Relf-Blowing My Mind To Pieces-Trans-American

Bob Relf-Girl Youre My Kind Of Wonderful-Trans-American

Bobbettes-Happy Go Lucky Me-RCA

Bobbettes-Its All Over-RCA

Bobbie Smith-Miss Stronghearted-American Arts

Bobbie Smith-Walk On Into My Heart-American Arts

Bobby Blackmon & Soul Express-Shes Gotta Have Soul-Dynamic

Bobby Bland-Getting Used To The Blues-Duke

Bobby Decker-Where Quiet Waters Flow-Ne-bo

Bobby Garrett-My Little Girl-Mirwood

Bobby Harris-Aint That Love-Turntable

Bobby Hebb-Love Love Love-Philips

Bobby Hebb-You Want To Change Me-Philips

Bobby Hill-Tell Me You Love Me-Lo Lo

Bobby Hill-To The Bitter End-Lo Lo

Bobby Hutton-Come See Whats Left Of Me-Philips

Bobby Hutton-Lend A Hand-ABC

Bobby Jones-Talkin Bout Jones-Expo

Bobby Joy-You Sweet Devil You-Tangerine

Bobby Madolph-Tell Me Tomorrow-Vault

Bobby Mandolph-Gotta Get You Back-Vault

Bobby McClure-You Bring Out The Love In Me-Island UK

Bobby Paris-Night Owl-Cameo

Bobby Patterson-I Get My Groove From You-Paula

Bobby Patterson-Im In Love With You-Jetstar

Bobby Patterson-What A Wonderful Night For Love-Jetstar

Bobby Powell & Jackie Johnson-Done Got Over-Whit

Bobby Reed-If I Dont Love You-Bell

Bobby Reed-The Time Is Right For Love-Bell

Bobby Sansom-Dont Leave Baby Dont Go-Sublime

Bobby Sheen-Dr Love-Capitol

Bobby Sheen-Something New To Do-Warner Bros

Bobby Sheen-Sweet Sweet Love-Capitol

Bobby Taylor-Blackmail-VIP

Bobby Taylor-Oh Ive Been Blessed-VIP

Bobby Treetop-Wait Till I Get To Know Ya-Fuff

Bobby Wells-Bes That Way Sometimes-Romur

Bobby Wells-Lets Copp A Groove-Romur

Bobby Williams-Its All Over-Sure Shot

Bobby Wisdom-Handwriting On The Wall-Out A Site

Bobby Womack-Daylight-United Artists

Bobby Womack-Give It Up-Arista 12

Bobby Womack-Home Is Where The Heart Is-Columbia

Bobby Womack-How Could You Break My Heart-Arista 12

Bobby Womack-Tried And Convicted-Minit

Bonnie Brisker-So Much Lovin Deep Inside Of Me-Magic City

Bonnie Brisker-Someone Really Loves You Guess Who-Magic City

Bonnie Herman-Hush Dont Cry-Columbia

Book Of Life-I Dont Know You-Sonstar

Boris Gardiner-More Than Words Can Say-Bronco

Boss Four-Walkin By-Rim

Bottle Topps-Aint Love Trouble-Pink Bird

Bottom & Company-Gonna Find A True Love-Motown

Bottom & Company-Youre My Life-Motown

Brad Lundy-Baby If You Ever Need My Love-Lundy

Brad Lundy-Breaking Point-Lundy

Brad Lundy-Im At The Breaking Point-Julmar

Brad Lundy-What Would You Do-Lundy

Brenda & Tabulations-Thats In The Past-Dionn

Brenton Wood-Better Believe It-Warner Bros

Brewster Crew-Im One Who Know-Lifeline

Briggette Koberly-As The City Sleeps-Naptown

Briggette Koberly-Dont Love Me & Leave Me-Naptown

Brilliant Korners-Change In Me-Modern

Brilliant Korners-Three Lonely Guys-Modern

Brooks Brothers-Looking For A Woman-Tay

Brothers & Others-Now Is The Time The Season-RCA

Brothers Of Soul-Id Be Grateful-Boo

Brown Sugar Band-Night Time Lady-Sugar

Brown Sugar-Im Going Through Changes Now-Capitol

Brown Sugar-The Game Is Over-Capitol

Bubba Lou & Highballs-Over You-Stiff

Bubba Lou & Highballs-Love All Over The Place-Stiff

Buck-Its Going To Be Alright-Playboy

Bud Harper-Let Me Love You-Peacock

Bud Harper-Mr Soul-Peacock

Bud Harper-Wherever You Were-Peacock

Buddy Miles-Im Just A Kiss Away-Columbia

Buster & Eddie-Cant Be Still-Class

Buster & Eddie-There I Was-Class

Butlers-Laugh Laugh Laugh-Phila

Cado Belle-Got To Love-Anchor

Caesars-Lala I Love You-Lanie

California Rock Choir-Whoever You Are-Cyclone

Camaros-Were not Too Young-Dar Cha

Candace Love-Wonderful Night-Aquarius

Candi Staton-Too Hurt To Cry-Fame

Candy & Kisses-Chains Of Love-Decca

Candy & Kisses-Someone Out There-Decca

Capitols-Dont Say Maybe Baby-Karen

Carl Davis & Chi-Sound Orch-Windy City Theme-Chi-Sound

Carl Hall-As Long As She Needs Me-Mercury

Carl Hall-What About You-Columbia

Carlena Weaver-Heart Break-Audel

Carlena Weaver-Jealousy-Audel

Carletts-Im Getting Tired-Capitol

Carletts-Lost Without Your Love-Capitol

Carol Anderson-Im Not Worried-Whip

Carol Anderson-Sad Girl-Fee

Carol Anderson-Taking My Mind Off Love-Whip

Carolyn Cooke-I Dont MInd-RCA

Carstairs-It Really Hurts Me Girl-Red Coach

Casanova Two-I Was A Fool-Early Bird

Casanova Two-We Got To Keep On-Early Bird

Casinos-Everybody Cant Be Pretty-Del-val

Casinos-If I Told You-Del-val

Casualeers-Dance dance dance-Roulette

Casualeers-Theres something about this girl-Roulette

Cat Miller-Be For Real

Cate Bros-Where Can We Go-Asylum

Cavaliers-I Really Love You-RCA

Cavaliers-Ive Got To Find Her-RCA

CC Neal-All I Want From You Is Your Love-Soul Craft

Celebrity Four-Honey Tell Me-Tangerine

Celebrity Four-Inspiration-Tangerine

Celestrials-Chain Reaction-RCA

Celestrials-Keep Your Hands Off My Baby-RCA

Chalfontes-He Loves Me-Mercury

Chancellors-All The Way From Heaven-Capcity

Channel 3-The Sweetest Thing-Dakar

Channels-Anything You Do-Groove

Channels-Ive Got My Eyes On You-Groove

Chantelles-Out Of My Mind-Vogue German

Chants-Ive Been Trying-Chipping Norton UK

Chants-Lucky Old Me-Chipping Norton UK

Charades-I Dont Want To Lose You-MGM

Charades-Love Of My Life-Okeh

Charades-You Better Believe it-Harlem Hitparade

Charades-Youre With Me All The Way-Mercury

Charisma Band-Aint Nothing Like Your Love-Buddah

Charles Dickens-In The City-Pye UK

Charles Dickens-Thats The Way Love Goes-Pye UK

Charles Johnson-Never Had A Love So Good-Alston

Charles Mann-Its All Over-ABC

Charlie Gracie-Hell Never Love You Like I Do-Diamond

Charlie Gracie-Keep My Love Next To Your Heart-Diamond

Charlie McCoy-My Babys Back Again-Monument

Chashers feat Tom Collins-Without My Girl-Uncle

Chaumonts-All Of My Life-Bay Sound

Chaumonts-I Need Your Love-Bay Sound

Chaumonts-Love Is The Thing-Bay Sound

Chaumonts-When You Love Someone-Bay Sound

Checkmates Ltd-Kissin Her And Crying For You-Capitol

Checkmates Ltd-Take All The Time You Need-Fantasy

Checkmtaes Ltd-All Alone By The Telephone-Polydor

Cheryl Williams-Everybodys Happy But Me-Bengee

Chevrons-Love I Love You-Independence

Chocolate Boys-Voltaire Pier-Decca UK

Chosen Few-Birth Of A Playboy-Maple

Chosen Few-Taking All The Love I Can-Maple

Chris Hamilton-Ive Got To Cry-Bell

Chris Hamilton-Ive Got To Have Your Love-Bell

Christine Cooper-Heartaches Away My Boy-Parkway

Chuck Cissel-Dont Tell Youre Sorry-Arista

Chuck Corby-See You When I Get There-Sceptre

Chuck Roberson-Ive Got To Have Your Love-Bluesong

Chuck Strong-You Beat Me At My Game Like A Lady-Venture

Chuck Wood-Seven Days Too Long-Roulette

Chuck Wright-Love I Wont Be A Fool Anymore-Ember

Cindy Lynn & In-Sounds-Meet Me At Midnight-In-Sound

Cindy Scott-World Of Happiness-Harthon

Clarence Carter-Messin Wth My Mind-Ichiban

Classic Sullivans-Shame Shame Shame-Master Key

Classmen-Doin Me Right-Pearce

Claude Huey-Feel Good All Over-Early Bird

Cletus Marland-Youre Gonna Miss Me-Terry

Clovers-Try My Lovin On You-Josie

Clydie King-If You Were A Man-Imperial

Clydie King-The Thrill Is Gone-Imperial

Cody Black-Too Many Irons In The Fire-D-Town

Cold Blood-Im A Good Woman-San Francisco

Collins & Collins-Top Of The Stairs-A&M

Companions-Be Yourself-General American

Contacts-You Gonna Pay-Quadran

Continental 4-The Way I Love You-Jay-Walking

Continental Showstoppers-Not Too Young-Seventy 7

Controllers-The People Want Music-Juana

Cookie Jackson-Do You Still Love Me-Progress

Cool Sounds-Who Can I Turn To Where Can I Go-Warner Bros

Coon Elder Band ft Brenda Patterson-What Does It Take To Win Your Love-Mercury

Counts-Peaches Baby-Shrine

C-Quents-Its You And Me-Essica

Crack Of Dawn-I Cant Move No Mountains-CBS

Crack Of Dawn-Its Alright This Feeling-CBS

Creations-Just Remember Me-Globe

Cruisers-Take A Chance-Gamble

Crystal Motion-Youre My Main Squeeze-Sound Gems

Cunnie Williams-Everything I do

Curly Moore-You Dont Mean-Sansu

Curtis Blandon-I Need You-Tower

Curtis Blandon-In The Long Run-Wand

Curtis Davis-Tell Me-Ronnie

Curtis Lee-Is She In Your Town-Mira

Curtis Mayfield-Move On Up-Curtom

Curtis-How Can I Tell Her-Charm City

Cut Glass-Rising Cost Of Love-20th Century

Cut Glass-Sometime Soon-20th Century

Cynthia & Imaginations-Love Is Real-Blue Rock

Danny Harrison-Girl girl girl-Coral

Danny Wagner-I Lost A True Love-Imperial

Danny White-Keep My Woman Home-Atlas

Danny Williams-All Those Things-Musical Energy

Danny Williams-Rat Race-Musical Energy

Danny Woods-I Want To Thank You-Smash

Darlene Love-Too Late To Say Youre Sorry-Reprise

Darrell Banks-Im The One Who Loves You-Stax UK

Darrell Banks-Open The Door To Your Heart-Revilot

Darrell Banks-Our Love Is In The Pocket-Revilot

Darrow Fletcher-Changing By The Minute-Uni

Darrow Fletcher-Its No Mistake-Crossover

Darrow Fletcher-Rising Cost Of Love-Atlantic

Darrow Fletcher-The Pain Gets A Little Deeper-Groovy

David & Giants-Superlove-Crazy Horse

David Coleman-Drown My Heart-Barry

David Martin-Youre Mighty Right-Rekord

David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks-I Couldnt Believe It-RCA

David Ruffin-I Wanna Be With You-Warner Bros

Daybreak-Everything Man-PAP

Daybreak-I Need Love-PAP

De Vonns-Freddie-Parkway

Dealers-You Got It-Big Bunny

Dean Courtney-Betcha Cant Change My Mind-MGM

Dean Courtney-Ill Always Need You-RCA

Dean Courtney-Love You Just Cant Walk Away-MGM

Dean Parrish-Bricks Broken Bottles & Sticks-Musicor

Dean Parrish-Im Over Eighteen-Musicor

Debbie & Ladds-Debbie Falls-Dear Lord Above-Ladd

Debbie Taylor-Dont Let It End-GWP

Debbie Taylor-I Have Learned To Do Without You-Polydor

Debbie Taylor-Just Dont Pay-Arista

Debonaires-Big Time Fun-Golden World

Debonaires-Hows Your New Love Treating You-Golden World

Dede Shwartz-Funny How We Change Places-RCA

Dee & Joe-Who Is It Gonna Be-Big Six

Dee Clark-Come Closer-Constellation

Dee Clark-Thats My Girl-Constellation

Dee Dee Barnes-Do What You Wanna Do-Arctic

Dee Dee Barnes-Im Yours And Youre Mine-Arctic

Dee Dee Sharp-Comin Home Baby-Cameo LP

Dee Dee Sharp-Deep Dark Secret-Cameo

Dee Dee Sharp-GOOD-Cameo

Dee Dee Sharp-What Kind Of Lady-Gamble

Dee Dee Warwick-Funny How We Change Places-Private Stock

Dee Dee Warwick-Its Not Fair-Mercury

Dee Dee Warwick-When Love Slips Away-Mercury

Dee Dee Warwick-Where Is That Rainbow-Mercury

Dee Dee-Dont You Ever Give Up On Me-Mercury

Dee Edwards-I Can Deal With That-De-to

Dee Irwin-I Only Get This Feeling-Imperial

Dee Irwin-The Wrong Direction-Imperial

Deena Johnson-Im A Sad Girl-Simpson

Del Capris-Hey Little Girl-Ronjerdon

Del Counts-What Is The Reason-Soma

Del Counts-With Another Guy-Soma

Del Royals-Man Of Value-Mercury

Del Royals-Some Kind Of Wonderful-Mercury

Delicates-Stop Shoving Me Around-Soultown

Delilah Kennebruew-Bright Lights-Loma

Delilah Kennebruew-Well Be Together-Loma

Dells-All About The Paper-20th Century

Dells-Its All Up To You-Cadet

Dells-Over Again-Cadet

Dells-Run For Cover-Cadet

Dells-Thinkin About You-Cadet

Dells-Your Song-20th Century

Dell-Vikings-Finger Poppin Woman-Fee Bee

Delores Clark-Livin To Please-Antares

Delores Wilson-Come On Shy Guy-Renee

Demures-Hes Got Your Number-Brunswick

Demures-Raining Teardrops-Brunswick

Deniece Chandler-Mama I Wish I Stayed At Home-Lock

Denise La Salle-A Love Reputation-Tarpon

Deon Jackson-Ooh Baby-Atlantic

Deon Jackson-Someday The Sun Will Shine

Deon Jackson-Thats What You Do To Me-Carla

Derek & Ray-Interplay-RCA

Determinations-Love Respect & Understanding-Dolphin

Detroit Soul-All Of My Life-Music Town

Detroit Soul-Does Your Mind Go Wild-Music Town

Diane Ducane-Better Late Than Never-Contact

Diane Renay-Cant Help Loving That Man Of MIne-D-Man

Dippers-Goin Ape-Diplomacy

Dobie Gray-Out On The Floor-Charger

Don & Juan-Thank Goodness-Mala

Don & Juan-The Heartbreaking Truth-Mala

Don Gardner-Aint Gonna Let You Get Me Down-Tru-Glo-Town

Don Gardner-Were Gonna Mkae It Big-Master Five

Don Gardner-Your Love is Driving Me Crazy-Mr G

Don Ray Sampson-Baby Come Back-E

Don Ray Sampson-Take It Easy-E

Don Thomas-Come On Train-NuVJ

Don Thomas-Train Start Movin-NuVJ

Don Trotter-Give Back Your Lovin-Utopia

Donald Height-Rags To Riches To Rags-Avco Embassy

Doni Burdick-Candle-Soul King

Doni Burdick-Whatcha Gonna Do-Soul King

Donna King-Take Me Home-Hot-Line

Dontells-I Cant Wait-Ambassador

Dontells-In Your Heart You Know Im Right-Vee-Jay

Dontells-Nothing But Nothing-Vee-Jay

Dora Hall-Pretty Boy-Reinbeau

Doris Troy-Face Up To The Truth-Capitol

Dottie Cambridge-Cry Your Eyes Out-MGM

Dottie Cambridge-Hes About A Mover-MGM

Douglas Banks-Aint That Just Like A Woman-Guyden

Dream Team-Im Not Satisfied-Gregory

Dreamlovers-Bless Your Soul-Mercury

Dreamlovers-The Bad Times Make The Good-Mercury

Drifters-Pour Your Little Heart Out-Epic

Drifters-You Got To Pay Your Dues-Atlantic

Duke & Leonard-Just Do The Best You Can-Stomp Town

Duke & Leonard-Youve Lost Your Soul-Stomp Town

Dunn & Bruce Street-The Moment Of Truth-Devaki

Dusty Wilson-Cant Do Without You-Bronse

Dusty Wilson-Its Going To Be A Tragedy-Mutt

Dynamics-I need your love-RCA

Dynamics-You Make Me Feel Good-RCA

Dynells-Call On Me-Atco

Dynells-Let Me Prove That I Love You-Atco

Earl Grant-Hide Nor Hair-Decca

Earl Jackson-Looking Through The Eyes Of Love-ABC

Earl Jackson-Soul Self Satisfaction-ABC

Earls-Its Been A Long Time Coming-ABC

Ed Crook-Thats Alright-Tri-Sound

Ed Crook-Youll See-Tri-Sound

Ed Summer-I Can Tell-SOYA

Eddie & Ernie-I Cant Do It I Just Cant Leave You-Eastern

Eddie & Ernie-Lost Friends-Eastern

Eddie Carlton-Misery-Swan

Eddie Giles & Numbers-Sexy Lady-Custom Sound

Eddie Holman-Eddies My Name-Parkway

Eddie Jefferson-Uh Oh Im In Love Again-Stax

Eddie Kendricks-Born Again-Tamla

Eddie Kendricks-Date With The Rain-Tamla

Eddie Lang-Something Within Me-Seven B

Eddie Randall & Roger Vaughan-I Feel Like Praising God-Voices Of Joy

Eddie Wilson-Just Call On Me-Tollie

Eddie Wilson-Toast To The Lady-Tollie

Eddy Jacobs Exchange-Cant Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind-Columbia

Edward Hamilton & Arabians-Now You Have To Cry Alone-Lanrod

Edwin Starr-Dont Tell Me Im Crazy-Soul

Edwin Starr-My Kind Of Woman-Ric-Tic

Edwin Starr-My Weakness Is You-Gordy

Edwin Starr-Running Back And Forth-Gordy

Edwin Starr-Time-Gordy

Edwin Starr-Youre My Mellow-Ric-Tic

EJ & Echoes-People Say-Diamond Jim

EJ & Echoes-Put A Smile On Your Face-Diamond Jim

EJ Chandler-I Cant Stand To Lose You-Sound Of Soul

EJ Rice-Will You Be Coming Back-Platinum

EKG-Give Me Love-Roadrunners

El Anthony-I Want To Be Together With You-La Cindy

El Anthony-Weve Been In Love Too Long-La Cindy

El Chicano-One More Night-MCA

Elgins-Street Scene-Valiant

Elgins-You Found Yourself Another Fool-Valiant

Ella Fitzgerald-Get Ready-Reprise

Ella Washington-Bye Bye Baby-Atlantic

Ella Woods-I Need Your Love-Merging

Ellen & The Shandels-Gypsy-La Salle

Ellis Pickford & Coffey-Reach Right Out-Cal

Eloise Laws-Love Factory-Music Merchant

Emanons Orchestra-Bird Walkin-Harthon

Embers-Watch Out Girl-MGM

Embers-Where Did I Go Wrong-Atlantic

Enchanted Five-Have You Ever-CVS

Enchanted Five-Try A LIttle Love-CVS

Enchantments-Im In Love With Your Daughter-Faro

Enjoyables-Push A Little Harder-Capitol

Enjoyables-Well Make A Way-Capitol

Enternal Family-Weve Got To Give More Of Oursleves-Communication

Epitome Of Sound-Where Were You-Sandbag

Epitome Of Sound-You Dont Love Me-Sandbag


Eric Lomax-Seven The Loser-Columbia

Eric Mercury-Take Me Girl Im Ready-Columbia

Erma Franklin-I Dont Want No Mamas Boy-Epic

Erma Franklin-I Get The Sweetest Feeling-Brunswick

Erma Franklin-Whispers-Brunswick

Ernie & Ed-Indication-Jay Boy UK

Esau Isaacs-Having A Ball-Romur

Esquires-Dancin A Hole In The World-Rocky Ridge

Esquires-My Sweet Baby-Hot Line

Estelle Brown-Stick Close-United Artists

Esther Phillips-Ive Never Found A Man To Love Me Like You Do-Kudu

Esther Phillips-Just say Goodbye-Atlantic

Ethics-I Want My Baby Back-Vent

Etta James-Seven Day Fool-Argo

Eugene Jefferson-A Pretty Girl Dressed In Brown-Open

Eugene Record-Overdose Of Joy-Warner Bros

Exits-Under The Street Lamp-Gemini

Exits-You Got To Have Money-Gemini

Experts-My Love Is Real-Jo-by

Exsaveyons-I Dont Love You No More-Smoke


Eyes Of Blue-Heart Trouble-Deram

Fabians-Would You Believe-Blue Rocket

Fabulous Dimensions-I Cant Take It Baby-Sapphire

Fabulous Peps-My love looks good on you(219 mix)-D-Town

Fabulous Peps-Speak your peace(220 mix)-D-Town

Fads-Just Like A Woman-Mercury

Fads-The Problem Is-Mercury

Falcons-Has It Happened To You Yet-Lu-pine

Fantastic Epics-Lets Get Together-Kelton

Fantastic Johnny C-Dont Depend On Me-Phil LA Of Soul

Fantastic Johnny C-Waitin For The Rain-Phil LA Of Soul

Fantastic Puzzles-Come Back-New Moon

Fashioneers-Dont You Know-Blue Rock

Fashioneers-Without You-Blue Rock

Faye Crawford-So Many Lies-RCA

Faye Crawford-What Have I Done Wrong-RCA

Faye Marshall-Tonight Im Gonna Make You A Star-Fay-Don

Fiestas-Sometimes Storm-Respect

Fiestas-Think Smart-Old Town

Fifth Avenue ft Carol Townes-Love Has Found My Heart-Buddah

Fir-ya-Keep On Tryin-Star-Glow

Five Special-The More I Get To Know You-Mercury

Five Special-The More I Get To Know You-TEAT

Flora Wilson-Dancing On A Daydream-Soulvation Army

Four Below Zero-My Babys Got ESP-Roulette

Four Exceptions-A Sad Goodbye-Parkway

Four Exceptions-You Got The Power-Parkway

Four Mints-You Want To Come Back-Holiday

Four Pros-Everybodys Got Some Soul-Carla

Four Pros-You Cant Keep A Good Man Down-Carla

Four Sonics-If It Wasnt For My Baby-JMC

Four Sonics-Theres No Love-JMC

Four Tops-I Just Cant Get You Out Of My Mind-Dunhill

Four Wonders-Havent We Been Good For Each Other-Solid Foundation

Four Wonders-Just Looking For My Love-Solid Foundation

Frances Nero-Footsteps Following Me-Debut UK

Frank & James-How Long Is Forever-Smooth City

Frank Everett-Spellbound-Big Smoky

Frank Howard-Judy-Excello

Frank Lynch-Young Girl-My

Frank Lyndon-Dont Go Away Baby-Uptown

Frank Wilson-Do I Love You Indeed I Do-Tamla Motown UK

Franke & Johnny-Ill Hold You-Hickory

Frankie Golde-Save Me Im Falling In Love Again-Atlantic

Frankie Golde-Stop And LKook Around-Atlantic

Franklyn-Future Love-Genora

Fred Hughes-I Keep Tryin-Exodus

Freddie Chavez-Baby Im Sorry-Look

Freddie Chavez-Theyll Never Know Why-Look

Freddie Scott-Girl I Love You-Probe

Freddie Scott-Mr Heartache-Columbia

Freddy Butler-Im Not Afraid-Samo

Freddy Butler-The Signifying Monkey-Samo

Freddy Cole-Id Have It Made-Tru-Glo-Town

Freedom-Cant You See-Freedom

Free-Taking It Away Would Be Breaking My Heart-Philips UK

Fresh Flavor-Without You Baby Im A Loser-Buddah

Friday Saturday & Sunday-There Must Be Something-Dig

Friendly People-I Aint Got Nothin But The Blues-VMP

Front Row-Wanting You-TBC

Fundamentals-I Wouldnt Blame Ya-Okeh

Fundamentals-Let Me Show It To You-Okeh

Gail Anderson-Be Proud Youre In Love-Salvador

Gail Anderson-Lets Fall In Love All Over-Salvador

Gambrells-You Better Move

Garfield Fleming-Dont Send Me Away-Becket

Garland Green-Come Through Me-Kent

Garland Green-Dont Let Love Walk Out On Us-RCA

Garland Green-Girl I Love You-Revue

Garland Green-It Rained Forty Days And Nights-Revue

Garnet Mimms-Right Here In The Palm Of My Hand-Arista

Garnett Mimms-Looking For You-United Artists

Gayle Adams-Baby I Need Your loving-Prelude

GC Cameron-Youre Whats Missing In My Life-Motown

Gee Gee Shinn-Come On Over-La Louisianne

Gems-Ill Be There-Riverside

Gene & Eddie-Its No Sin-Monca

Gene & Eddie-Youve Got To Love Me Sometimes-Monca

Gene Chandler-I Hate To be The One To Say-Constellation

Gene Chandler-Just Be Here-Curtom

Gene Chandler-Mr Big Shot-Constellation

Gene Chandler-Pretty Little Girl-Constellation

Gene Chandler-Without You Here-Curtom

Gene McDaniels-There Goes The Forgotten Man-Liberty

Gene Middleton & Funk Factory-No One To Love Me-Funk Factory

Gene Middleton-Stop Where You Are-D and B

Gene Middleton-You Need Love-D and B

Gene Stridel-My Town-Columbia

Gene Stridel-Where Does That Leave Me-Columbia

Gene Thomas-Id Rather Not Talk About It-United Artists

Gene Williams-Dont Let Your Love Fade Away-Forte

Gene Woodbury-Ever Again-Del-Val

Gene Woodbury-Everybody Cant Be Pretty-Del-val

Gene Woodbury-Thats Not Half Bad-Del-val

Genobia Jeter-All Of My Life

Geoffrey Meteliko-Got To Find A Way-Happy Tiger

George Benson-My Womans Good To Me-A&M

George Benson-On Broadway-Warner Brothers (UK edit)

George Kirby-What Can I Do-Cadet

Geraldine Hunt-Two Can Live Cheaper Than One-Bombay

Gerri Granger-Breakdown-Big Top

Ghetto Children-Dont Take Your Sweet Lovin Away-Roulette

Ghetto Children-Its Not Easy To Say Goodbye-Roulette

Gia Mateo-If You Cant Say Anything Nice-RCA

Gil Scott-Heron-Brian Jackson-The Bottle-Strata-East

Gino Washington-Ill Be Around When You Want Me-Mala

Gino Washington-Like My Baby-Mala

Gino-Home Sweet Home-Golden Crest

Gino-Its Only A Paper Moon-Golden Crest

Girls-The Hurts Still Here-Memphis

Gladys King-I Cant Get Over You-ABC

Gladys King-Orange-ABC

Glen Anthony Henry-I Dont Know-Unique

Gloria Gaynor-Lets Mend Whats Been Broken-Polydor

Gloria Gaynor-This Love Affair-Polydor

Gloria Jones-I Aint Going Nowhere-EMI UK

Gloria Scott-A Case Of Too Much Love Making-Casablanca

Gloria Walker & Chevelles-Need Of You-Flaming Arrow

Gordon Berry-How Lonely-Sport

Gordon Keith-Look Ahead-Calumet

Gordon Keith-Where Do I Go From Here-Calumet

GQ-Make My Dreams A Reality-Arista

Great Lakes Orchestra-Didnt I Tell You-Great Lakes

Great Lakes Orchestra-This Is The Night For Loving-Great Lakes

Greg Perry-Head Over Heels In Love-Chess

Greg Perry-Love Control-Chess

Grier Bros-I Got A Good Woman-Melody Disc

Grier Bros-Weeping Baby All The Time-Melody Disc

Grover Mitchell-What Hurts-Vanguard

Gwen Owens-Just Say Youre Wanted And Needed-Velgo

Hal Frazier-Walk On By-VMC

Hal Miller-On My Own Two Feet-Amy

Halleluiah Chorus-Ive Got To Find A Way-Nickel

Hamilton Movement-Shes Gone

Hank Hodge-Eye For An Eye

Hank Sample-So In Love With You-Jay-Walking

Harold Andrews-Youre A Winner-Early Bird

Harold Melvin & Blue Notes-Prayin-Source

Harold Washington-I Want You Back-Little House

Harry Deal & Galaxies-I Still Love You-Eclipse

Harvey-Anyway You Wanta-Tri-Phi

HB Barnum-It Hurts Too Much To Cry-RCA

HE3 Project-Beyond The Hour Of Love-Famly Groove

HE3 Project-Just Like Magic-Family Groove

Heartbreakers-How Do You Say Goodbye-Derby City

Heartbreakers-Ive Got To Face It-Derby City

Helen Troy-I Think I Love You-Kapp

Henry Richardson-Dancing Girl-Elois

Henry Richardson-She Loves To Party-Elois

Herb Ward-Honest To Goodness-RCA

Herb Ward-If Yo Got To Leave Me-RCA

Herb Ward-Strange Change-Argo

Herbert Hunter-The Big Oak Tree-Poncello

Herbs-Never Never Will I Fall In Love-Smoke

Hermon Hitson-Yes You Did-Minit

Hesitations-Clap Your Hands-Kapp

Hesitations-I Believe To My Soul-Kapp

Hesitations-Ill Be Right There-Kapp

Hesitations-Im Not Built That Way-Kapp

Hesitations-Is That The Way To Treat A Girl-GWP

Hesitations-She Wont Come Back-Kapp

Hesitations-Soul Kind Of Love-Kapp

Hesitations-Soul Superman-Kapp

Hesitations-Thats What Love Is-Kapp

Hesitations-Wait A Minute-Kapp

Hesitations-You Cant By Pass Love-Kapp

Hesitations-Youll Never Know-Kapp

Hi-Fi White-Need Somebody-Sandman

High fashion-I want to be your everything

High Keyes-Lets Take A Chance-Verve

High Keyes-Living A Lie-Verve

Hiroshima-Never Never-Arista

Hit Pack-Never Say No To Your Baby-Soul

Holidays-The Love We Share-Rob-Ron

Holidays-This Is Love-Rob-Ron

Holland-Dozier-If You Dont Want To Be In My Life-Invictus

Holland-Dozier--New Breed Kinda Woman-Invictus

Holly Maxwell-Happiness Will Cost You One Thin Dime-Constellation

Holly Maxwell-Its Impossible-Constellation

Holly St James-Thats Not Love-ABC

Hollywood Flames-Im Gonna Srtand By You-Symbol

Homer Banks-60 Minutes Of Your Love-Minit

Honey & Bees-Why Do You Hurt The One Who Loves You-Arctic

Honey Cone-If I Cant Fly-Hot Wax

Howard Guyton-I Watched You Slowly Slip Away-Verve

Hytones-Bigger And Better-A-bet

Hytones-Ive Got My Baby-A-bet




































































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